1. Freeway No.1 toward South (from Taipei or Taoyuan) Taipei→Chung-Li→Hsin-Chu Interchanges(to the right)→(turn left to)Da-Hsuei Road(大學路, next to gas station)→NYCU Kuang-Fu campus.
  2. Freeway No.1 toward North (from Taichung, Tainan, or KaoShiung) Freeway No. 1 toward north(To Taipei)→Exit 95 Hsin-Chu interchange(turn left toward Hsin-Chu City)→Pass through freeway underneath →Turn left to Da-Hsuei Road(next to gas station)→NYCU Kuang-Fu campus.
  3. When you passes through the guard, please turn left immediate.
  4. When go through about 1 kilogram the "Manage Building 2" is just in your right hand side.
  5. Please park your car along the roadside or in the parking lot.
  6. Our department office is in the Room MB302.