Development Objectives

  1. Object 1: Preparing our students with problem-solving abilities, communication ability and independent research ability.
  2. Object 2: Cultivating our students with emerging information management technologies.
  3. Object 3: Supporting our faculties and Ph.D. students to do high quality research and publish on reputable international journals.
  4. Object 4: Fostering an environment for friendly and open interaction among faculties, staff, domestic and international students, alumni, and community

Mission Statements

  1. Make Information Management as an independent field that can be applied across all disciplines, thus increasing the value and efficiency of their information.
  2. Understand human behavior in the context of software before applying Information Technology towards management.
  3. Corporative research with leading industrial organizations to facilitate the synergy of theory.

Learning Goals

  • Problem-solving ability, communication ability, and ethical reasoning ability.
  • Independent research capability.
  • Quantitative analysis skills: utilizing algorithms optimization methods and statistics to analyze problems.
  • Information system design and management skills: capabilities of system design, database design, network maintenance, softwaredesign and data security.
  • Knowledge management and decision support skill: ability to integrate knowledge and to apply in the decision-making process.
  • Financial engineering skills: designing financial information systems, portfolio analysis, asset investment, designing financial products.