vocational school enrollment of IIM

Chiao-Tung University 106 school annual management of the Institute of vocational school enrollment message

(Please follow the school enrollment brochure as the standard)

Registration date: December 8, 2005 (four) 9:00 am to December 13th (b) 5:00 pm

Oral date: March 11, 2006 (Saturday)

1, enrollment places: 27 (the actual places to the school enrollment brochure)

Second, the exam side test:

First test: review

Re-test: oral test

Third, note

1. The firm will take the first test results, merit to participate in re-examination.

2. Review of information:

(1) a copy of the transcript (or the highest academic transcript) of the university year.

(2) 2 years (inclusive) above the service certificate.

(3) Personal information sheet

(4) Work experience introduction.

(5) study plan book.

(6) work experience table.

(7) Autobiography (formatted)

(8) other important information to help review such as: GMAT, TOEFL results, published articles,

All kinds of honor and other written information.

(9) Registration steps:

A. Please go to our school http://exam.nctu.edu.tw (according to the regulations)

B. Go to this website at http://www.iim.nctu.edu.tw/exam/

Log in to the system to fill in the information. Fill in the information for the review of important reference materials, please be sure to fill out the Internet.

3. National Chiao Tung University 106 academic year Master in-service class enrollment notice [with brief download link],

Please refer to http://exam.nctu.edu.tw/



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