Admissions of MBA

Department of Information Management and Finance

Information Management Master Class Admissions Message

(Please follow the school enrollment brochure as the standard)

Registration date: December 8, December - December 13 at 5:00 pm

Written date: February 9, 106

First, the enrollment quota: the general health 15 (the actual places to the school enrollment brochure)

Second, written professional account: 50% (can not use the computer)

Group A: 1. Introduction to Computer 2. Introduction to Data Structures and Internet

 Group B: 1. Introduction to Computer 2. Management Information System

Third, enrollment instructions:

1. In addition to professional subjects, the other subjects: English, accounting for 15% (initial test results are not taken).

2. Initial test: 50% of professional subjects.

Reexamination: review, accounting for 35%, English accounted for 15%.

3. The Institute will be subject to professional subjects written test results, merit to participate in re-examination.

4. To participate in the re-examination of the candidates, please March 3, 2006 before the review of information (as follows) arrived:

Department of Information Management, 1001 University Road, Hsinchu City, Master of the Admissions Committee received (Please specify the candidates on the envelope number)

Review information:

(1) the original college transcripts of the original (must include the total average and proof of ranking).

(2) other important information such as GMAT, TOEFL results, published articles, various proof of honor and other written information.

(3) Please also go to http://www.iim.nctu.edu.tw/exam website to fill in the information, and printed with the review data sent together.

5. The actual admission of each group by the school enrollment meeting reference examination results, the proportion of the number of applicants approved.



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