National Chiao Tung University 106 academic year master enrollment test list and master class review announcement

National Chiao Tung University 106 school year master class enrollment preliminary test list

List link: http://exam.nctu.edu.tw/

National University of Communications, Information Management and Finance Department of Information Management Master Class B, Group B enrollment to participate in the re-examination announcement

(Please review the information), please submit the information (as follows) to:

Hsinchu City, No. 3001 University Road, No. 1001, School of Information Management Institute of Master Admissions Committee received (the envelope, please indicate the candidates number)

Review information:

1. The original transcripts of the transcripts of the university (including the total average and the proof of ranking).

2. Other important information such as GMAT, TOEFL results, published articles, various proof of honor and other written information.

3. Please also go to http://www.iim.nctu.edu.tw/exam (enrollment system) to fill in the information, and printed with the review data sent together.

Admissions System Description:

1. Capital management system http://www.iim.nctu.edu.tw/exam, open to March 3 at 5:00 pm only, this time only open master squad, B group of candidates to fill out the information. (Master in the special class candidates do not fill). After the completion of the information (or maintenance modification), please be sure to export the PDF file (without binding), together with the preparation of the information in March 3, 2006 (by postmark) as soon as possible to the registered Hsinchu City Road 1001 Chiao-Tung University Information Management Institute Master Class Admissions Committee received.

2. Candidates are required to fill in personal information.

3. The second stage of the examination of candidates (re-examination), do not need to pay the registration fee.


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