Admissions Information for the Master's Program of the Asset Management Institute for the 112 academic year

NYCU Admissions Information for the Master's Program of the Asset Management Institute for the 112 academic year

(Registration time: from 9:00 am on October 5, 2011 (Wednesday) to 17:00 on October 11, 2011 (Tuesday))

(The registration deadline has been extended to 12:00 noon on October 12, 2011 (Wednesday))


NYCU IIM Admissions Information for the Master's Program of the Asset Management Institute for the 112th academic year

(Please refer to our school's admissions brochure)


19 students in general. The actual enrollment quota is based on the school enrollment guidelines.


Submit information

Upload review materials online

1. log in the registration information online. Our school's online registration system for screening: https://exam.nycu.edu.tw/112MD

Please download the admissions brochure from the admissions information of the comprehensive group of our school.

2. Candidate Information Form (During the registration period, please log in to the admissions system at the admission information on our website,URL:(https://exam.iim.nycu.edu.tw/exam/login)

  Fill in the information and save it as a PDF file to upload to the registration system.

3. One original copy of college transcripts (including ranking certificate). Students who have transferred to another school must also submit the transcript of the college or above before the transfer.

4. An autobiography

5. A study plan.

6. Other materials that are helpful for the review include: recommendation letters, English test scores, competition results and other important reference materials. If candidates have recommendation letters, candidates should upload them in the other favorable information area of the registration system by themselves.


Preliminary: Weight 1. review. (Up to six candidates will be exempted from the re-examination and directly admitted based on the results of the preliminary examination. The rest will be selected based on the results of the preliminary examination to participate in the re-examination).

reexamination: Weight 1. Oral Test.


Reexamination Announcement Date

From November 4, 2011, please go to our website for admissions information to read the re-examination list and the announcement about the oral examination time.

Oral Test Date

Oral Test Date: Held on Thursday, November 10, 111.

Location: 3rd FloorManagement Building 2, 1001 University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 300, ROC

Contact Information

Tel: (03)571-2121 #57401

Fax: (03)572-3792

URL: https://www.iim.nycu.edu.tw/

Admission in February



1. The list of candidates for the re-examination will be announced on the announcement column and website of the Exchange.

2. Review scoring reference items: academic performance, research potential, expression ability, activity performance, etc.

3. Candidates who participate in the re-examination oral examination, please bring the review materials uploaded online (the written materials can be provided to the oral examination committee for reference).


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