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Target of enrollment

Chiao-Tung University is a long-term development vision for the long-term development of the world's top universities and the world's leading high-tech industries. "To cultivate high-quality cross-disciplinary talent", "promote scientific and technological integration, cross-cutting research", " Domestic talents "," deepening industry-university cooperation "and" promoting internationalization ".
Therefore, to cultivate the important academic field with the international mobile ability of academic excellence talent, as the future of China's academic successor as the goal, and according to industry research and development needs to develop forward-looking technology research and development capabilities of personnel, according to social needs to cultivate practical ability of talent The
    Chiao-Tung University Information Management Institute of domestic and foreign schools of outstanding master's degree graduates, industry professionals in the field, the school and the Taiwan University of Master Master Road students as the main recruiting object.
Cultivate the characteristics
Chiao-Tung University Information Management Institute to cultivate information and management of all-round talent for the commitment to cultivate students with both information technology and professional management literacy, more importantly, to be able to learn to help organize the use of information technology to enhance operational efficiency and resource efficiency And look for advantages and opportunities for a complete strategic planning. The Institute for Information Management received the 10th of the most competitive information management research institutes (MS in Information Management) for the 2015-2016 Far East.
In addition, Chiao-Tung University School of Management in the 104 academic year to apply through the Ministry of Education academic elite program.
The School of Management and the University of North Carolina State University (NCSU) Industrial Engineering and Industrial Engineering (ISE) co-fostered the talent to cultivate international students with the excellent accumulated energy of both schools, in addition to expanding the student's international outlook, enhancing research energy, The most sophisticated research and employment opportunities, but also through international cooperation with NCSU ISE to enhance international status. School of Management to provide scholarships, 104 ~ 107 school year full-time doctoral students, the hospital each school year 2. Domestic repair subsidy of 36,000 yuan per person per month, a total of 3 years, the US North Carolina subsidy per person per year 1.5 million yuan, 2 years a total of 3 million yuan.
future development
Information technology is widely used in various fields to assist in the operation of enterprises, management activities and decision-making. Development and highlight the characteristics of information management field, put forward a new concept of knowledge innovation. The future direction of development is to combine innovation in the field of "IT" with "Organizational Management" to enhance the efficiency of the organization's operations and create the value of IT, emphasizing the effective management and application of information technology in all areas of information and knowledge , Making information management more effective and creating new value for information and knowledge. At the same time, based on the outstanding achievements of ITU in IT in education and research, we will strengthen the use of information management in e-commerce, financial and technological innovation, medical information management, operations management and optimization, large data analysis or other related fields. Professional knowledge, and the ability to innovate application development with information management, in addition to fostering information management professionals and fostering students with the theory and knowledge of capital management and other areas of integration.
Chiao-Tung University School of Management academic elite plan future development:
Vision 1: Improve the use of gap and research with the gap
Integration of government, universities and industrial resources, the establishment of doctoral talent cultivation process and the industry closely linked to the model to improve the school gap and research gap.
 Vision II: academic elite of the international first-class standards
The integration of domestic universities and international research institutions of educational resources, the establishment of our doctoral talents and international research institutions system co-cultivation model, cultivate our academic elite of the international first-class standards, leading the development of the country.
 Vision three: young scholars settle down
The establishment of young scholars academic career development support system.
Current situation of talent demand
Organizing the introduction of information technology and applied to operational management activities, not only to enhance efficiency, but also become a necessary to build a competitive advantage as. The key lies in the effective use and management of the organization's information and knowledge, so whether to promote the electronic business, digital economy and e-commerce are subject to information management as the main control core. It is indispensable to develop knowledge economy by cultivating talents with information management and information system integration management practice. At present, most of the tertiary institutions in the country have information management department. However, due to the rapid development of the information society, the demand for excellent information talents is increasingly urgent for the Government and the industry. Domestic graduates are still insufficient to supply the demand for such talents. Youth Associations and Policy Associations are still required to carry out various professional training courses for information management personnel each year, and give the graduates of other departments with "information management".
Graduation alumni development
Institute of Information Management, Chiao-TungUniversity So far, has trained more than 780 graduate students, 132 doctoral graduates. Ph.D. graduates are not only in the academic situation of the employment situation and good performance in the industry employment status and performance is also good. He is a member of the National Taiwan Normal University, Central University, Jinan University, Chung Hsing University, Chiayi University, Chang Gung University, Fu Jen University, University of Science and Technology, as well as domestic and foreign famous enterprises or research units, including: TSMC, China Telecom Research Institute, ITRI, policy and so on. In the past five years, a number of doctoral graduates have been hired by universities and universities at home and abroad: University of Technology Sydney, Wu Yiling (National Donghua University), Chen Qiuqin (National Penghu University of Science and Technology), Dr. Lin Siyin (Central Plains University) (National Taiwan Ocean University), Huang Yaohui (SouthwestChiao-Tung University); the past five years, there are a number of doctoral graduates in the famous enterprises or research units: including TSMC, Delta, China Telecom Research Institute, Research institutes, policies and so on. (Please refer to Table 6 for the employment situation of doctoral graduates). After the establishment of the Institute for Information Management, it will continue the past research energy and results, planning to maintain the existing enrollment quota, doctoral class five, master class thirty-five.


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