1.Eligibility: Applicants who have applied for the Institute of Information Management.

2.Credits Credit: In the future, you will be required to apply for credit credits in accordance with our credit.

3.Credits: If you have a score of 70 or more, the school will issue a certificate of credit.

4.The "Credits" credits are required to be:

  a.Those who apply for a non-credit program will have a maximum of 80 (inclusive) or above, with a maximum of 18 credits (including 6 credits for non-local courses, subject to the course Approved by the Committee)

  b.Admission to the school credit class (study results of 80 (inclusive) or more), credit credits in office, no age limit.

  c.Admission to the outside of the class (class performance of 80 (inclusive) or more), credit credits in the job, the maximum number of years of credit for 8 years.