first year

second year


Second semester


Second semester

Graduation credits
A total of 40 credits

Advanced Placement

Economics, accounting, statistics, data structure
Optionally two
(Apply for a credit: before the end of the first semester)

Do not include graduation credits

Required courses

1. Master's thesis study (3 credits, special secondary school)
2. Information management topics (1 credits, specifically under the course)
3. Information management thesis study (1 credits, specific course)
4. Business and Ethics Seminar (3 credits)
5. individual study (2 credits, specifically under the course)

Compulsory 10 credits
Include graduation credits

Elective Courses of IIM

This course includes at least 6 classes (18 credits) for information, class, economics, management and research methods. At least one of each of the three categories of courses is required. In addition, the course will consist of at least five different co-authored teachers (including retired full-time teachers who have been transferred to either faculty) or co-authored courses

at least 18 credits

Elective Courses

Free to choose all the courese in NCTU

Up to six credits