2016 Li Yung-Ming

O2O E-Commerce Competition Strategies: Location- based Advertising Scheme and Experience Store Deployment

2016 Li Han-Lin

A Super Logarithmic Method for Signomial Programming with Discrete Variables and Engineering Applications

2016 Liu Duen-Ren

Research on Online Recommendation Methods with Cross-Domain Interest Analysis for Integrated Online News and E-Commerce Web Platforms

2016 Huang Szu-Hao

The development of wearable/IOT platform and intelligent home applications based on visual recognition, deep learning and time-series modeling

2016 Huang Szu-Hao

Develop Intelligent Optical Sensor Module Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning Techniques

2016 Chen Po-An

Network Games: Networked Opinions and Goods

2016 Lin BMT

Scheduling on Two Parallel Machines Subject to Conflict Constraints

2016 Lin BMT

Flow Shop Scheduling with Dedicated Machines: Complexity Analysis and a Survey

2015 Li Yung-Ming

Social Computing Mechanisms for Group and Crowd Commerce Services

2015 Li Han-Lin

A Design of MOOC Platform with Integration Capability