2015 Tasi Min-Jen

Digital Forensics for Printed Source Identification of Multinational Characters and Forged Document Detection by Printing and Copying

2015 Huang Szu-Hao

Pulse measurement and hand gesture recognition based on multi-source proximity sensing in wearable device

2015 Huang Szu-Hao

Embedded computer vision algorithms for Automatic Optical Inspection based on HSA architecture

2015 Chen Po-An

Generalized Mirror Descents in Repeated Games with Partial Information

2015 Chen An-Pin

Artificial Intelligence Based Momentum Behavior Trend Analysis on Company Financial Fundamental Applying to Dynamic Asset Portfolio Management System

2015 Lin BMT

Flow Shop Scheduling with Dedicated Machines: Complexity Analysis and a Survey

2014 Ku Cheng-Yuan

A Reliable Web Services Composition System Based on Trust and Reputation Model and Service Level Agreement

2014 Li Han-Lin

A Hybrid Binary Method for Solving Nonlinear Integer Programs

2014 Hwang Hsin-Ginn

An Empirical Study of Health Information Privacy Concern on Individuals' Intention to Provide Personal Health Information in EMR Exchange Context

2014 Huang Szu-Hao

Patterned sapphire substrate manufacturing process and LED gesture sensing chip design based on time-series signal processing techniques