2014 Huang Szu-Hao

Embedded computer vision algorithms for Automatic Optical Inspection based on HSA architecture

2014 Chen An-Pin

An Artificial Intelligence Decision Support Systems for Huge Financial Data Based on Market Profile Structure - Abnormal Return Found and Risk Control

2014 Lin BMT

Scheduling on Two Parallel Machines Subject to Conflict Constraints

2013 Li Yung-Ming

Design of Mobility Intelligence Mechanism and Context-Aware Commerce Services

2013 Ku Cheng-Yuan

An Integrated Architectural Risk Analysis within Software Development Life Cycle for Improving Information Security

2013 Ku Cheng-Yuan

Research of Information Security Infrastructure for Cloud Computing

2013 Li Han-Lin

A Super Gnomon Method for Solving Polynomial Integer Programs

2013 Liu Duen-Ren

Research on Mining User Virtual Life and Social Contact Activities for Predictions and Recommendations in Virtual World Platforms

2013 Hwang Hsin-Ginn

Critical Factors Affecting the Use of EMR Exchange: Physicians' Perspective

2013 Huang Szu-Hao

The development of 3D human-computer interaction platform and extended service design based on multiple-view synthesis techniques