2013 Huang Szu-Hao

B2B frequency control component value-added service based on 2D barcode DPM and mobile intelligent recognition techniques

2013 Chen Po-An

Learning and Dynamics in Repeated Games

2013 Lin BMT

Flow Shop Scheduling with Dedicated Machines: Complexity Analysis and a Survey

2013 Lin BMT

Scheduling on Two Parallel Machines Subject to Conflict Constraints

2012 Li Yung-Ming

Designing Core Computing Engines and Business Services for Social Commerce

2012 Li Han-Lin

Developing a Hyper-Cube Method for Finding the Classification Rules of Given Objects

2012 Li Han-Lin

A Logarithmic Method for Solving Nonlinear Knapsack Problems

2012 Tasi Min-Jen

The Characteristic Feature Selection Based on User-Centric Adaptation for Digital Forensic,Image Retrieval And Content Service

2012 Liu Duen-Ren

Research on the Integration of Popular Event Trend Analysis and Blog Article Recommendation Approaches

2012 Huang Szu-Hao

Improve augmented reality service design with real-time depth sensing and 3D display