2012 Huang Szu-Hao

Improve the efficiency of frequency control component production line via interactive visual inspection techniques

2012 Huang Szu-Hao

Apply image recognition techniques and product service systems to develop mobile applications

2012 Chen Po-An

Towards the Synergy of Algorithmic Game Theory, Learning and Social Networks

2012 Lin BMT

Flow Shop Scheduling with Dedicated Machines: Complexity Analysis and a Survey

2011 Ku Cheng-Yuan

Optimal Policy for Handoffs between Heterogeneous Networks

2011 Liu Duen-Ren

Research on Recommendation Methods for QA Knowledge and Complementary QA Document Collections for Communities of Question-Answering Websites

2011 Hwang Hsin-Ginn

Concern for Electronic Medical Records Privacy---The Construct, the Instrument, and Causal Models

2011 Chen An-Pin

The Collaborative Cloud Based Financial Trading Decision Support System

2011 Lin BMT

Complexity Analysis and Algorithm Design for Scheduling Problems with Fixed Job Sequences

2010 LIU DUEN-REN Research on Knowledge-Flow View Models and Knowledge-Flow Abstraction Methods