2008 Ku Cheng-Yuan

The Study of Information Security Management Based on Risk Management and Contingency Plan

2008 Li Han-Lin

Decision Ball Models and Applications

2008 Tasi Min-Jen

The Copyright Management Service System of Digital Content Based on Grid Computing Architecture with Load Balance Sharing Mechanism

2008 Chen An-Pin

Intelligent Financial Information Service Decision Support System---A Dynamic Adaptive Multi-Stage Model for Financial Planning Service

2008 Lin BMT

Optimization Problems in the Service Industry

2007 Li Yung-Ming

Service Recommendation and Market Mechanism of Social Network Computing

2007 Ku Cheng-Yuan

A Novel Digital Right Management System by Using Hardware and Software Tools

2007 Li Han-Lin

Inducing Rules of Nations' Competitiveness---Form 2001~2005 IMD Reports (I)

2007 Tasi Min-Jen

計劃英文名稱 The Digital Space Guide System of Spherical Panorama Scenery Using the Web-Services Peer-To-Peer Architecture

2007 Liu Duen-Ren

Research on the Integration of Knowledge Flow Mining and Document Recommendation